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23 June 1973

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Jethro Tull have decided to present their 'Passion Play' show at Wembley's Empire Pool this weekend, and will be spending the entire proceeds in flying their special lighting equipment in from America.

Jethro manager Terry Ellis told the MM this week:

"We were a little unsure about performing the new show since it is rather heavy going for the audience to sit through an hour of unfamiliar music.

"Also the group didn't want to perform the new show without the special equipment they are using in America. This features a two hundred spotlight overhead rig, specially designed for their arena shows, and a projector and screen.

"The cost of flying in this equipment and flying it back to America again will just be covered by the box office receipts. We feel that the group's fans would want to see the new show rather than the one performed at the Albert Hall last year, and this will also compensate for any inconvenience caused by postponing them from April."

The group are currently in the middle of a fifteen week tour of America.

The Passion Play album is released on Chrysalis throughout the world on July 6 and the group will perform the album in its entirety at Wembley.

The Empire Pool box office re-iterated their warning of last week to fans who hold tickets for the two shows by Tull this weekend. Only fans who hold tickets for the cancelled April 28 show will be admitted on Friday, and only fans who hold tickets for the cancelled April 29 show will be admitted on Saturday.


Thanks to Mike Wain for this article.