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13 December 1969

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A couple of weeks ago when Jethro Tull opened their third American tour, in the Bay City, Ian Anderson was suddenly confronted by an attention-getting device slightly beyond the power of his fluteful antics. It seems a young man, somewhat entranced by the natural rhythms of 'Bourée', took his clothes off and made his way up to the Fillmore West stage. There, with his back to the audience, he 'did his thing' (but definitely out of rhythm).

Anderson, seemingly oblivious to it all, continued with his playing until the end of the song, when the nudist exited. He then scratched his head, bewilderedly remarking,

"I could have sworn that guy had no clothes on."

The Jethro tour, by the way, equalled the force of the Stones engagements, as each of the groups' gigs was pre-sold out before the day of the performance. Ian and friends will be cavorting in various dens of entertainment throughout America every night through to December 13. A massive, ulcer-causing schedule to be sure, but one that the group's ever-growing legion of fans have demanded.

In several cities, the Tull-Stones concerts are separated by only a few days and it's given members of the rock press time to evaluate and contrast the individualistic qualities of Jagger and Anderson ... often to a remarkable degree of similarity.



Many thanks to Glenn Cornick for this article