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28 April 1973

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Doctor orders Ian to rest

Jethro Tull have been forced to cancel both their Wembley concerts this weekend (April 28 and 29). Chrysalis announced this week that Ian Anderson was suffering from nervous exhaustion and is under orders from his doctor to rest for at least two weeks.

Tull have rescheduled both Wembley concerts and will now appear on Friday, June 22, and Saturday, June 23. Ticket holders for this Saturday's concert will now have their tickets honoured at the June 22 concert, and holders for this Sunday will be able to get in on June 23. Ticket money will, however, be refunded if they are returned to whence they came.

A spokesman from Chrysalis told Sounds that Tull had not taken a holiday for a year — they have been appearing continuously in countries all over the world, and in addition to live appearances they have been recording.

In March the band finished their European tour, and since then they have been rehearsing their Passion Play stage show, and recording a five-minute film which will be shown during the Passion Play stage show.

Tull are scheduled to go to America at the beginning of May but they may miss the beginning of the tour unless Anderson has recovered.

The band had hoped to take a holiday during June but they will now play Wembley instead.


Thanks to Mike Wain for this article.